Appendix A: Unnamed Drugs
Appendix B: Transmetropolitan
Appendix C: Jimmy Olsen
Appendix D: American Flagg

Acetovaxidol (AVX)
The drug that gives the Anti-Cap his strength and enhanced abilities.
type: steroid and/or narcotic
liquid (injectable), transdermal patch
: Captain America & the Falcon
further information: Medical reviews of Captain America and the Falcon #4, and Captain America and the Falcon #5

A "distillate" made from the "atoms of the sun" that grants Dr. Hugo Strange (better known as the Golden Age hero "Doc Strange") super-strength, invulnerability and flight.

[N.B.: Doc Strange was re-imagined as "Tom Strange" and appeared in Tom Strong as well as the Terra Obscura mini-series.]

type: enhancer
form: liquid
comic: Thrilling Comics #1

Amazo Pills
Illegal drug from Neopolis.
type: ?
form: pill, presumably
comic: Top Ten

Anti-Lead Serum
Invented by Braniac 5, this serum protects Daxamites (and Mon-El in particular) from the effects of lead, which affects them like Kryptonite affects Superman. The serum also allows Mon-El to keep his powers on red sun worlds. The serum contains the rare element fluvium as well as powdered Kryptonite.

[N.B. The course of events described is pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths. The identity of the person who developed the serum fluctuated in various subsequent incarnations.]

type: protective serum
form: liquid (drinkable)
comic: Adventure Comics (of particular interest are issues #305, 329, 333 and 354)
see also: XY-4 Serum

AVX: see Acetovaxidol

Bio-Restorative Formula
A formula developed by Alec Holland to increase the growth of plants. When a bomb exploded in his lab, Holland was doused with the formula and ran dying into the swamp. The formula combined with the consciousness of Holland and the swamp plants to form Swamp Thing. At least that’s what his initial origin suggested.
type: plant growth agent
Swamp Thing #1

The most potent of the illegal drugs available at the Citadel, a Souther space station in the Acoma System.

Dook: "Got some blacks too, but they're real take no prisoners kinda stuff."

type: ??
2000 A.D. #1508 "Interference" [86ers story]
see also: Bomber, Green, Red

One of a trio of drugs used to control and manipulate latter day “super soldier” Nuke. Blue probably has a calming effect, similar to White.

[N.B.: According to the Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook, the blue pills were "sedatives to keep him calm during non-combat situations."]

type: sedative
blue capsule
Daredevil #231, #232, #233
see also: Red, White

One of the illegal drugs available at the Citadel, a Souther space station in the Acoma System.
type: ??
2000 A.D. #1508 "Interference" [86ers story]
see also: Black, Green, Red

B-Serene Patch
Recreational drug from the future of the Invisibles.
type: relaxant, presumably
form: transdermal patch
comic: Invisibles, Volume 2 #6

Burnt Sienna
Chemical warfare agent developed during the Viet Nam war. It was discontinued because it was felt to be too dangerous. It was later used by a local cult leader in Cambodia who discovered that it left those exposed open to suggestion.
type: chemical warfare agent, mind control agent
form: liquid, gas
comic: Captain Atom #47

A spray originally invented by Supergirl that froze shape-changers in their current form. Braniac 5 refined the formula so that it returned the shape changer to their original form and canceled their powers temporarily.
type: power eliminator
form: spray
comic: Adventure Comics #326 and #334

Carcinoma Angels
Spider Jerusalem's cigarette of choice.
type: tobacco product
form: cigarette
comic: Transmetropolitan

Beverage made from the fermented pulp of the dice-melon. Served on the planet Pwuc.
type: alcoholic beverage
form: liquid (drinkable)
comic: 2000 A.D. #451 "The Ballad of Halo Jones"

Addictive drug grown and used by the Karazin dynasty in the remote Rudinshtein fiefdom in the Imperial Russia of the future. This addictive drug causes a battle frenzy and the user feels pain as pleasure.
Sometimes called "Chert-Devil."
type: ??
form: liquid (injectable)
comic: 2000 A.D. #1045 "The Romanov Dynasty" [Nikolai Dante story]

A futuristic CNS depressant and sedative. Similar to a barbiturate.
type: depressant
form: capsule
comic: American Flagg

Chilean Baby Extract
One of a number of supplements taken by the President.
type: panacea
form: ??
comic: Transmetropolitan #21

Compound V
Originally invented in the 1930s, this drug grants enhanced strength and endurance. The effects are permanent in the drug's pure form, but Compund V is usually diluted resulting in powers that only last for a few days. It alters DNA, so the super-powers can be inherited.
type: pan-enhancer, DNA mutagen
form: liquid (injectable) or powder (inhalable)
comic: The Boys #4

Compound X07
A mysterious chemical created by the scientists of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). When a tanker carrying this chemical was involved in an accident with a church bus, the lone survivor (who had been drenched in the compund) gained lightning-fast healing and an insensitivity to pain, eventually becoming the costumed individual Madcap. The chemical may or may not have contributed to his mental instability.
type: healing agent, pain desensitizer
form: liquid (topical)
comic: Captain America #307

cover, Kamandi #16Cortexin
A drug created by Dr. Michael Grant, that when spilled into the water supply, gave human intelligence to the animals who drank it. This intelligence was passed down to their descendants.
type: intelligence booster
form: liquid (drinkable)
comic: Kamandi #16

Addictive drug used to control the population in the Pharmocracy, an alternate-dimension oppressive government battled by the Titans.
type: euphoric
form: liquid (injectable)
comic: Titans #44-45
see also: Credulin, Necrocycline

A drug that enhances a victim's susceptibility and acceptance of what others say. One of the drugs used by the Pharmocracry to control its population.
type: suggestion agent
form: inhaled
comic: Titans #44-45
see also: Crave, Necrocycline

Crystal Math
Illegal drug for robots. Smuggled into Neopolis from Mexico. The name is a pun on the real world illegal drug Crystal Meth (i.e. methamphetamine).
type: -
form: crystal or powder, presumably
comic: Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #2
see also: Darkshots, Gluon Juice, Hextasy, Spindust

Extremely potent illegal drug for robots. The drug, which is made from dark energy, allows computers to become "one with the multiverse"
type: -
form: liquid, presumably
comic: Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #2
see also: Crystal Math, Gluon Juice, Hextasy, Spindust

A serum that causes old age -- including such symptoms as baldness, wrinkles, weak vision, loss of teeth, and deafness.
type: aging serum
form: liquid
comic: Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #40
see also: Vigoral
further information: "Now How Much Would You Pay" over at Lady, That's My Skull.

A magical dust from India that "unleashes the demon that resides inside every man." The ultimate result of this drug is insanity.
type: magical hallucinogen
form: dust (inhaled)
comic: Hawkman (2002 series) #39, 40

Manufactured by Ocran Industries, Draxx is the leading insecticide on the market. However, when injected intavenously, Draxx acts as a highly addictive narcotic. Because the human body cannot metabolize Draxx, the drug ultimately proves fatal.
type: insecticide and narcotic
form: liquid (injectable)
comic: The Exterminators

A shrub on the world of Two Moons that produces an intoxicating berry. The berries can also be brewed into a potent wine.
type: intoxicating agent with hallucinogenic properties
edible berry (or alcoholic beverage)

Dream Sand
The sand from Morpheus's pouch. Originally stolen when Morpheus was captured by the Order of Ancient Mysteries, the sand eventually ended up in the hands of John Constantine. His ex-girlfriend stole the pouch and has spent the next several years using the sand to give herself constant dreams, to the detriment of her overall health.
type: dream inducing agent
form: dust (topical or inhaled)
comic: Sandman #3

dream sand user

An addictive drug that transforms its users into bizarre monsters. Created by Lord Satanus.
type: mutagen
form: ??
comic: Adventures of Superman #534

Potent tranquilizer used by the various armies on the world of Nu Earth. Equazine also has some pain killing capabilities.
type: tranquilizer, pain killer
liquid (injectable)
various Rogue Trooper stories from 2000 AD (including "Cinnabar" in progs #624-635)

Empire #3Eucharist
Addictive drug made from the blood of the hero Endymion. Handed out by arch-villain Golgoth to his favored lieutenants.
type: euphoric

Addictive recreational drug from the time of the Grendel-Khan Jupiter Assante.
type: euphoric
form: liquid (injectable)
comic: Grendel Tales: Homecoming

Extract of Queen AntExtract of Queen Ant
Another of Spider Jerusalem's drugs of choice.
type: stimulant
liquid (drinkable)
Transmetropolitan #13

F-2 Delta
A "derivative of the Fribb enzyme," this quick acting hormone-based mutagen changes women into men.
type: mutagenic, hormone based
liquid (injectable)
2000 AD #1497 "Neoweirdies" [A Judge Dredd story]

Fear Gas
1. Developed by Jonathan Crane (the Scarecrow), this gas causes its victims to hallucinate their greatest fears. Crane has also developed an injectable form of the drug (see the Anima series).
type: hallucinogen, phobic
gas (inhaled)
various Batman titles

2. Mr. Fear, a Spider-Man and Daredevil villain, also used a fear gas, only his was based on pheromones and stored in pellets that could be shot from a gun.
type: hallucinogen
form: gas (inhaled)
comic: first appearance was Daredevil #6. Multiple Spider-Man and Daredevil issues since.

A derivation on the Scarecrow's fear gas, it is keyed to the hormone estrogen and thus more effective in women. It was also lethal, except to Catwoman.
type: hallucinogen, phobic
form: liquid (injectable)
comic: Catwoman #58-60
see also: Fear Gas

Strange inhalable drug from Apokolips. Likely euphoric and addicitve in nature, probably with some hallucinogenic qualities as well.
type: ??
form: inhalable (fumes)
comic: Seven Soldiers: Mr. Miracle #3

Formic Ether
Inhaling this gas grants enhanced strength and invulnerability. Invented and used by pharmacist Bob Benton to become the Golden-Age hero "The Black Terror."

[N.B.: Bob Benton and the Black Terror played a significant role in the two Terra Obscura mini-series.]

strength enhancer
form: gas (inhaled)
comic: Exciting Comics #9

In the 24th Century, this pill is taken by passengers of the Earth-Tube Express to protect them from the extreme heat as the tube-car travels through the molten core of the Earth. The pill coats the user with a protective layer of ice.
type: pill
form: freezing agent
comic: Adventure Comics #303

Experimental truth serum. The name is a reference to Sodium Amytal (also known as Amobarbital), a real word barbituate that is purpotedly a truth serum.

Interrogator: This is Gaeamytal. It's as close as modern chemistry can come to synthesizing the atomic structure of Wonder Woman's lasso.

type: truth serum.
form: liquid (injectable)
52 #34

The chemical that gives Ralph Dibny (the Elongated Man) his stretching powers.
type: extract from a tropical fruit
form: ?
Flash (1st series) #112

Illegal drug on Krypton, according to Superman's dream life in the classic story "For The Man Who Has Everything." Imported from Erkol.
type: illegal drug
form: ?
comic: Superman Annual #11
see also: Hellblossom

Illegal recreational drug that has recently made its way onto the streets of the city of Bette Noir. Said to be a very old drug.
It seems to cause people to act lie vampires, and according to one drug dealer it is what the vampire legend is actually based on.
type: -
form: ??
comic: Fallen Angel #11, 12 (IDW)

Gluon Juice
Illegal drug for robots. Smuggled into Neopolis from Mexico.
type: -
form: liquid, presumably
comic: Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #2
see also: Crystal Math, Darkshots, Hextasy, Spindust

Goloka Root
Bitter-tasting root from the mysterious island Attabar Teru. When taken, it increases life span and intelligence.
type: -
form: edible root
comic: Tom Strong #1

Goose Juice
Street name for Mongoose Blood

One of the illegal drugs available at the Citadel, a Souther space station in the Acoma System.
type: ??
2000 A.D. #1508 "Interference" [86ers story]
see also: Black, Bomber, Red

Recreational drug from the time of the Grendel Khan Jupiter Assante. Probably a fast-acting steroid of some kind. Overdoses are fatal.
type: strength enhancer
form: capsule, or injectable liquid
comic: Grendel Tales: Homecoming

Growing Capsule
The original method by which Giant Man grew and Ant Man and the Wasp regained their normal size. Ultimately replaced by the use of "Pym Particles".
Sometimes called "Growth Pills."
type: growth agent
form: pill
comic: Silver Age Tales to Astonish and Avengers
see also: Shrinking Capsule

Growth Pill
An alternate name for Growing Capsules.

Appendix A: Unnamed Drugs
Appendix B: Transmetropolitan
Appendix C: Jimmy Olsen
Appendix D: American Flagg

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